Megan Currie freelance French and Spanish to English professional translator

Welcome to Omega Language Solutions. I’m Megan Currie, a professional French-English and Spanish-English translator. I specialise in marketing texts, especially in fashion, food and drink, as well as informative texts such as academic papers and non-fiction. Whether you need translation, transcription, proofreading or editing services, I’m eager to be a part of your conversation. I love what I do, and I care about doing it well; that’s why you can always count on me to produce excellent results. In business, policy and research, communication is key, and I’m here to facilitate that communication for you. As an intermediary, you couldn’t ask for more: I have advanced foreign language skills, a great capacity for understanding complex points of view, and, most importantly, an expert command of the English language. All of this combined makes me the ideal candidate to look after your message and to carry it safely and accurately from one language to another. Visit my Services and Testimonials pages to discover what my expertise can do for you, and Contact Me for a quote today.

  • Translation

    Translation is the carriage across of written ideas from one language to another. This is in contrast to interpreting, which takes place in spoken form. If you have a letter, report, pamphlet, book, webpage, presentation or any other text/visual document that you can’t understand, or if you have one to communicate to a colleague abroad, you’ll need a translator….

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  • Transcription

    Transcription is the production of a written account of a spoken exchange such as a speech, conference or meeting. I can provide English transcripts of English, French or Spanish audiovisual material. Transcripts can be more useful than the audio files themselves – they are less bulky to send and receive, faster to read, and searchable for convenience. If you’d like a…

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  • Proofreading/Editing

    These services involve the review of an English-only document, or of a translation from French or Spanish. Proofreading takes into account only the difference between ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ (correcting spelling mistakes and deleting extra apostrophes), whereas editing also considers the style, register and tone of a text (tweaking sentence structure and eliminating clichés to optimise…

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