12 Beautiful Pictures that will Make you Revise your View of Bosnia and Herzegovina

12 Beautiful Pictures that will Make you Revise your View of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Take whatever you thought you knew about this under-acknowledged Balkan country, and throw it out the window.

(Some of the pictures are taken in portrait format, so please click through to see the whole image. All photos taken by me).

My dad has lived in Sarajevo for two years and I have been lucky enough to visit three times. Each time I’ve had a deeper experience, and each time the place has grown on me.

My favourite way to travel is to be somewhere in between a ‘tourist’ and a ‘local’, and this trip was perfect for that. I was able to complete several translation projects, work on my website (have you noticed?), see some of the local attractions and spend a good amount of time with my dad’s friends who either are Bosnian or have lived in BiH for long enough to explain some of the country’s history to me.

There’s a sort of veil that exists between a person’s known and experienced world, and the world that exists somewhere ‘else’. And the manner in which we respond to information and events depends on which side of the veil those events took place in. That’s why news of recent flooding here in the Balkans has hardly reached the ears of those back in the UK, and why those who have heard of the dozens of deaths, hundreds of missing persons and tens of thousands of evacuees are prone to dismissing it without much thought (much the way I often do when I hear about tragedies in other parts of the world that are ‘elsewhere’ for me).

BiH is on my side of the veil now, and it’s here to stay. I’m aware that this isn’t something that I can pass on to my readers; not everyone can have fathers living there to show them the beauty and strength and resilience and heroism alive in this part of the world. But I can show you some pictures I took of this country that might help to demonstrate that this place is far more than a war-torn wasteland. My dad and I drove from Scotland through England, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia to finally reach BiH, and the 2-hour stretch from Mostar to Sarajevo was by far the most scenic, breathtaking and humbling of the lot. Yes, better than the Alps.

Please pass along this gallery of perspective-altering pictures if you were surprised that Bosnia and Herzegovina is actually a stunningly beautiful place (or if you had kind of forgotten about BiH for a little while there!). You can use the icons below to share to your favourite networks.

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