Welcome to the website of Omega Language Solutions. I’m Megan Currie, an experienced translator working from French and Spanish into my native language, English. I offer a whole range of language services, including translation, transcription, proofreading and editing.

I know you need two things from me: a pristine translation at a reasonable price, and a linguist who will work in partnership with you to ensure an end result that suits your individual needs. I know you’re busy, so we’ll establish quickly and simply exactly what you need my translation to do for you. Then you can simply leave it with me and rest assured that, by the time the deadline arrives, you’ll have a beautifully-crafted English translation that’s worthy of all the time and effort that went into the original.

You can count on Omega Language Solutions for all of the services listed below. Translation literally means the ‘carrying across’ of meanings and ideas from one language to another, and I take this task very seriously. Above all else, I am a communicator, so I see words as a precious commodity to be handled carefully and delicately. Whether it’s a websitepresentation, research paper or even a client email, I know you’ve chosen your words carefully to put across a very specific message, and I respect that message and vow to carry it across safely and accurately to the other side of the language divide. It’s not just my job; it’s in my very nature, so your words are in good hands.

Please click below for an overview of each of the services available. The Services page provides more detailed information about each one.

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