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Transcription is the production of a written account of a spoken exchange such as a speech, conference or meeting. I can provide English transcripts of English, French or Spanish audiovisual material.

Transcripts can be more useful than the audio files themselves – they are less bulky to send and receive, faster to read, and searchable for convenience. If you’d like a transcript produced, either in its original language or translated into English, request a quote today.

You might think that anyone who speaks English could perform a transcription to more or less the same standard. However, aside from the fact that not all English speakers have the same level of spelling and grammar, there are also techniques and strategies to producing a useful transcription, which only those who operate within the industry are familiar with. Here are just a few of the benefits you will gain from working with me:

  • Flawless spelling, grammar and punctuation. We all know how dire the consequences of a missing comma can be (cf. the famous ‘Let’s eat, grandma!’ vs. ‘Let’s eat grandma!’), but you won’t have to worry about ambiguity in my transcripts.
  • Tailored pricing to suit your needs – if you don’t need a timecode for every new speaker, don’t pay for it! You tell me what elements you need, and if you don’t have a preferred template to use, I’ll send you some examples to choose from.
  • Consistency over all of your projects. I adhere to client style guides, and if you don’t have one I’ll use my own as a basis and log your individual preferences as I discover them. I’ll even provide you a copy of your personalised style guide if you ever decide to switch providers, to ensure that your transcripts remain consistent.
  • Speed and efficiency. I type at approximately 100wpm, so I can complete first drafts faster, leaving time to perform complete accuracy checks and still get your transcript back to you before you can say ‘The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’. Bonus for you: the faster I work, the less I have to charge to earn a good wage. Win-win.

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