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Emma Sharpe

Emma Sharpe

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During her internship at Kwintessential Megan completed in excess of 45k words of translation, 30k words of proofreading, and transcribed a number of audio files.

She exhibited outstanding maturity and organisational skills; she worked well independently and was motivated and always willing to help.

The quality of her translations was highly commended by our internal qualified translators who proofread the work, and one client in particular requested Megan for future assignments.

During her time at Kwintessential Megan became a much loved member of the team and we genuinely miss having her around.
I am delighted to say that since qualifying Megan has become a solid member of our translation team. We find her highly reliable, and her work to be of the highest quality.

– Emma Sharpe, General Manager at Kwintessential UK

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